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My background


I was born and raised in California. Now living in Dallas TX area with my amazing husband and my two youngest boys of five children. I have always had a love for art, any kind of art.  I always found art to be inspiring as well as creative. I am a self-taught artist that loves to draw and paint. As a teenager I would draw some, however my drawing and painting really took hold as an adult while dealing with stressful events in life. I found that drawing and painting was not only a way to be creative but to also release my raw feelings at that time. I feel that painting and drawing is a good way to communicate visually as well as emotionally communicate my raw feelings . I feel art is an expression of one's heart and soul laid out for all to see.

My Medium and Style


I use many different mediums, such as resin, acrylics, and acrylic inks. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. I use paint brushes, pallet knifes, kitchen gadgets, and just about anything my creative mind can put to use with paint. I love to try new things and see what kind of design or texture I can incorporate into my paintings. All paintings are done on stretched canvas. I usually will have music playing while painting or I am singing in my head a tune that has inspired me at that moment.

My Inspiration


I have always felt that art is therapeutic and inspiring in itself. Some of the things that inspire me are my faith, my family, and nature. Just about every piece shows my faith. I try to incorporate scripture into each piece in some way. I may listen to Christian music as I paint/draw or my faith is shown in the name of a piece.  I have a very supportive family that inspires me as well as challenges me to go the next step, to try different approaches, mediums or just putting my art out there. Being in nature or as I call it God,s painted Masterpiece is always inspiring to me and is where I can usually gain insight to myself which then is displayed on paper or canvas.

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