Pricing & FAQ


Every painting is priced based on type of canvas, size of canvas, style of art and mediums used to create each piece.

Commission Pieces

 Commission pieces are available. Each commission piece is priced based on the above pricing plus availability at time the piece is commissioned. When requesting a commission piece by emailing a request with name and number to  You will be contacted within 72 hours to discuss the details and pricing.


Q- Is there more than one of each piece?

A-  No, each piece is a one of a kind therefore once it is sold it is gone.

Q-Do you ship paintings?

A- Yes, however paintings are only shipped in the US for a shipping fee (based on shipping cost of each piece).

Q- How do I clean my painting?

A- To clean paintings, first take painting off the wall and use a dry cloth to wipe dust off. DO NOT USE DAMP CLOTH OR CLEANING CHEMICAL to clean paintings as these can ruin the painting.